Icecream Man. #TBT 
Photo By: @ashani
Coolin wit the Young God Joey Bada$$. 

Summer 2013
House of Blues, LA. 2012. 

Me, Joey Bada$$, and Capital Steez. 

Rabbit Furs. #TBT

Man! How's it going? I have a question for you if that's cool... For the Is This Love vid with Mara.. What ISO were you set at for the street shots.. Don't know if that's a big question or a little one, but wouldn't mind knowing.. The balance is on key! I'm shooting with someone over the weekend & I use film, so I have to pick the right speed.. but anyways.. I never shot photos with anyone at night on film, not without a flash anyway. So that's why I ask my dude. I figure anything 800 upwards ri

Hey what’s up. I don’t really remember, that was one of my first music videos. I try to never go above 1600 ISO anyways…. I’m pretty sure it was lower than that

Old Chanel is Wigged the fuck out.

Good looks baii

Real Niggas Connect. 
Slick x Asaad x @souloho3 
#philly #smokersclubtour2013 #flowers2ComingSoon
M.I.YAYO. @aoutrageous 
#smokersclubtour2013  (at hurricane grill & wings. )
Back when I used to let that thang pop! 🎯🔫
Puff Puff Pass💨
"I used to be that Nigga!"